How do I know my press-on nail size?

To make sure you receive the correct size, please follow the instruction on how to measure your nails closely. Or you can order a sizing kit here for $0.99.

How to apply/remove Press-On Nails?

Please referre to our How To's page here.


Are these nails reusable?

Yes they are, in of my most pristin designs are made for occational special events usage. 


How to take care of my beautiful Press-On Nails?

Why do my Press-On Nails take so long?

All my Press-On Nails are 100% handcrafted! Many sets actually will use different techniques per nail. In order to ensure to utmost quality and with great attention to detail, they are very time consuming to craft. 



What is my process time? 

All nails are made to order please allow 1-2 weeks, if Rush Order is required please contact me directly and let me know.



What is included with my purchase?

Every order will come with a prep kit: nail glue, mini file, alcohol wipes, double sided nail tape(for temporary use), wooden stick, and of course a storage box with the nails. 



Cancellation and Returns?

Due to the fact all my nails are made to order and 100% handcraft, we WILL NOT be accepting any return, cancellation within 24 hours of purchase will be accepted. Therefore please be aware, there might be slight alteration in color and/or pattern between actual nail and pictures on our website. In addition please be sure to order the correct size, as we do not take any responsibility if the wrong size was ordered.



Do you take any custom orders?

Yes, please contact me at